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This page was last updated on August 27, 1998 09:45 AM


home.jpg (1111 bytes) Welcome to the online home of The Doon School. This site is divided into seven parts. The Info section shall tell you all that you wanted to know about the best school in India. The Directory contains the listing of all the Dosco's and Ex-Dosco's who are on the net. The Weekly has all of the latest issues of 'The Doon School Weekly' for all who want to know what the current situation in school is like. The Rose Bowl has got information from the newsletter about old boys. The Gallery section features pictures from in and around school.

The latest addition to the site, The School Council, lets you post your messages on the sites for other people to read and comment about.

Please feel free to send any suggestions or comments that you may have to the webmaster of  'The Doon school Online'.


This site has been designed and is maintained by Ashish Kapur, Ex-318 JA 1998.


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